We invite you to experience the charm and warmth of our community. La Conner is one of the earliest pioneer towns of this area. After the Skagit River Valley dikes were built to prevent annual flooding, the flatlands were found to be some of the richest soil in the territory.

        In 1907, the Hotel Planter was built with solid concrete blocks made on location on land purchased from Louisa A. Conner, the town’s namesake. At that time, the town was already bustling with hotels and restaurants. This modern hotel sported indoor plumbing (one bathroom), electricity, and a cement sidewalk. Housing wealthy Seattle tourists, merchants, and young fellows working at lumber mills, the hotel proved to be both a profitable and reputable establishment. As time went on, the hotel became the home to many artists and writers seeking inexpensive housing while working in here. La Conner flourished with farming and agriculture and became known as the hub of trade between valley farmers and Seattle steamers carrying passengers and freight. La Conner thrived until the great depression.

        Unfortunately, by the 1980’s the hotel had been reduced to transient housing and was condemned.  The town, on the other hand, had become a tourist destination. The present owners, Donald and Cynthia Hoskins, undertook the task of bringing a large part of local history back to life. Their goal was to renovate the first floor level, which houses their Earthenworks Gallery and three other retail shops. Phase two took over two years to change 22 rooms into 12 rooms, allowing for private bathrooms to be added. The building received new electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation, and sheetrock. Heat, which once came from a central wood stove, was added in each room and skylights brightened the once gloomy hallways. To keep the feelings of old times, the original doors, windows, railings, and wood trim were re-used.  Many of the old light fixtures found a new use in the building. New landscaping has brought the garden courtyard back to life. The hotel furniture was custom built to fit the building. The present day Hotel Planter was re-opened in September of 1989.